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3 Swingeing taxes on the ‘profits of the food industry’, particularly on sweets, snack foods and the like, with the aim of discouraging consumption. However, the Minister for Minorities disagreed (as he normally did). He said, ‘Heart disease is a serious matter. But there doesn’t seem to be an unbreakable link between eating sweets or chocolate or whatever, and becoming unhealthy. ’ It is clearly a serious matter, worthy of debate. But which parts—if any-of the plan should the Ministers back? 27 Problem 22 New Diktatia II (The issue is highlighted…) The rest of the Cabinet think Madame Dampsponge is taxing pleasure, and are initially rather doubtful.

Why, yes,’ says the druid, ‘that is so. ’ However, the druid quickly adds, waving some medicine beads to emphasise the seriousness of the situation, everyone must be immunised—for once someone has the disease it becomes highly infectious, entering another bacteriological phase, and the protection given by the leaves is rendered ineffective. Should the Marjonians have a compulsory programme of tabako leafchewing as the druid suggests? 25 Problem 20 The Lost Kingdom and the pesky-fly problem III Before the proposal can be put to a vote, one of the Marjonians stands up and says: ‘Why should I risk my life chewing these stupid leaves?

There was, it seemed, a problem with over-eating which was affecting nearly one-fifth—20 per cent—of the population. ‘Each year, a hundred thousand of our people die prematurely, mainly from heart disease, as a result of this,’ warned the Health Minister, Madame Dampsponge. Her colleagues in the Cabinet were alarmed. ‘It’s time to sweep aside the chocolate smarties and hit the food industry bosses where it most hurts—in the tummy,’ thundered the Sports Minister, a former boxer, in aggressive agreement.

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