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A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - download pdf or read online

By J. R. Clark-Hall

Если Вы знаете английский, то с помощью это краткого словаря, который кстати достаточно объемный, можно прочесть в оригинале, например, Беовульфа или другое англосаксонское произведение. Очень полезно для филологов и не только.

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I cannot here deal a t length w ith Mr. Sm ith’s more general considerations. He relies extensively o n . Pali m etrics, and even to some ex ten t on Vedic. I frankly have never understood Pali m eter, as a whole. (I hope and expect to profit from Prof. ) A t certain points I have noted resemblances to BHS, b u t a great m any Pali verses baffle m e; they seem to involve principles which I am unable to form ulate, b u t which in any case seem to me, for the present a t least, and even a fter reading Sm ith, quite different from any in BHS.

Kurzgefasstes etymologisches W örter­ buch der altindischen Sprache (Am sterdam , 1898^99). Symbols unepd. = uncompounded. unm etr. = unm etrical(ly). : (as in statem ents of proportional analogy) = ‘is related var(r). = variant(s). fco’. S. = V aräham ihira, B fhat-sam hitä. vthich occur in standard Skt. in substantially the same vb. = verb. m eanir gs as in BHS, b u t which by exception, for one Ved. = Vedic. Ved. St. ). reason or another, seem to need trea tm e n t here. The reason is usually a (previous) erroneous interpretation, Ved.

Michclson’s only reason was th a t while holi occurs in all Asokan dialects, bhoti and bhavati occur only in western Agokan. The form holi (note th a t it is m uch rarer th an bholi in BHS! Chap. v. bhü 2) is, of course, extrem ely common in Pali, and its equivalents are equally common in m ost Prakrits. g. in the instr. plur. ending -hi from -bhi(s) in all ASokan dialects. The other form, hhaoati or bhoti, persisted by the side of hoti in m ost, perhaps all, M lndic dialects; its popularity in some late forms of P k t.

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A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary by J. R. Clark-Hall

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