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A Manual of Abhidhamma by Naranda Maha Thera PDF

By Naranda Maha Thera

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The Compendium of Philosophy states: “ There are six classes of laughter recognised in Buddhist works; (1) Sita:— a smile manifesting itself in expresslon and countenance; (2) Hasita:— a smite consisting in the slight movements of the lips just enough to reveal the tips of the teeth; (3) Vihasita:— laughter giving out a light sound; (4) Upahasita:— laughter accompanied by the movement of the head, shoulders, and arms; (5) Apahasita:— laughter accompanied by the shedding of tears; and (6) Atihasita:— an outburst of laughter accompanied by the forward and backward movements of the entire body from head to foot.

Freewill plays its part here. Immediately after there arises the psychologically most important stage— Impulsion or Javana. It is at this stage that an action is judged whether moral or immoral. Kamma is performed at this stage; if viewed rightly (yoniso manasikàra), the 18. i. , if the object is a form (råpa). This consciousness depends on the five objects of sense. 19. See Diagram I. p. 51. 49 Javana becomes moral; if viewed wrongly (ayoniso manasikàra), it becomes immoral. In the case of an Arahant this Javana is neither moral nor immoral, but merely functional (Kiriya).

Ordinary persons and even Holy Ones of the first three grades of Saintship do not experience these eight Cittas. 35. Illustrations for the first eight Kusala Cittas:— 1. 23. One understandingly gives something to a beg- See n. 12 p. 33. 59 gar at once with joy. 2. One understandingly gives something to a beggar with joy, after deliberation, or being induced by another. 3. A child, without any understanding, joyfully salutes a monk at once. Joyfully a person automatically recites a Sacred Text without understanding the meaning.

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