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Download PDF by William Thomas Tucker: A Pocket Dictionary of English & Persian

By William Thomas Tucker

ISBN-10: 0875570585

ISBN-13: 9780875570587

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Centripetal Developing from the outside inwards so the youngest structures are at the center. g. the capitulum) is one in which the outer flowers open before those in the center. Compare centrifugal. See also acropetal; basipetal. chalazogamy A method of fertilization in angiosperms in which the pollen tube enters the ovule by the chalaza instead of through the micropyle, penetrating the placenta en route. g. beech. Compare porogamy. centromere The region of the chromosome that contains the kinetochore, the structure that becomes attached to the nuclear spindle during mitosis and meiosis.

His Théorie élémentaire de la botanique (Elementary Theory of Botany; 1813) introduced the term ‘taxonomy’ for classification. Candolle based his classification on resemblances between the plan of symmetry of the sex organs in various plants, even though these were often disguised by loss, fusion, or degeneration. His idea was that even when these parts appeared to be dif- CAM See crassulacean acid metabolism. cambium The ring of dividing cells (meristem) responsible for lateral growth in plants.

Biennial A plant that completes its life cycle within two years. In the first year it produces foliage only and photosynthesizes. The food is stored during the winter in a swollen underground root or stem. In the second year, the stored food is used to produce flowers, fruits, and seeds. Many important crops, such as carrot and parsnip, are biennials. Some biennials can be induced to act as annuals and flower in the first year by appropriate cold or hormone treatments. Compare annual; ephemeral; perennial.

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