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John R. Dupuche's Abhinavagupta: The Kula Ritual as Elaborated in Chapter 29 PDF

By John R. Dupuche

ISBN-10: 8120819799

ISBN-13: 9788120819795

During this work,he describes a number of the tantras and areas in their apex the main severe of them, the Kula ritual. It additionally presents a translation of Jayaratha's remark. the Kula ritual leads the practitioner to extra exalted levels of mantras to arrive the top point of attention, the "mantravyapti", the pervasion of the chant. the individual that is aware this pervasion is a Bhairava..

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67 1 . 1 6. 17. 1 8. 1 9. 14 The Kula Ritual ritual while the most auspicious time was the darkest moment of the lunar cycle. By placating these hordes with horrific substances, even with the vital fluids of one's own body, and perhaps even by copulating with them, the devotee gained the ascendancy and so secured their powers over the cosmos etc. The male deity wor­ shipped in this ritual is Rudra or Bbairava, ' . . ' 2 1 The cult of the yogin'is seems to have been the earliest form of what becomes the Kula tradition.

See also Andre Padoux, La Pariitrisikilaghuvrtti,Paris, E. C. Bagchi ed. , Kaulajniinani17Jaya, Prachya Prakashan, Varanasi, 1 986, pp. 1 -69. 25 line 5. 37 footnote 48. 30. ibid. 680. 3 1 . ibid. 32. 2 1 4 footnote 1 1 0. 73. If the householder could experience what the Kapalika experienced but more simply and indeed more powerfully, his domestic ritual was deemed to be at least equivalent. The terminology of the Kapalika or Yogini cult could then be transferred to his domestic ritual and the externals of those cults could be justifiably aban­ doned as superfluous.

These vari­ ous levels of meaning interpenetrate each other and the single use of the word anand can refer to one or to all of them. The unity of S iva and sakti is powerfully expressed by the pho­ neme A which now introduces the symbolism of the Sanskrit al­ phabet. It is a feature of Kashmir S aivism, as indeed universally in India, that language and revelation are intimately associated so that the phonemes of the Sanskrit alphabet in particular are taken to symbolise all revela�ion. Furthermore, since in the idealism of Kashmir revelation and reality are co-terminous, the study of the phonemes is the study of being.

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Abhinavagupta: The Kula Ritual as Elaborated in Chapter 29 of the Tantrāloka by John R. Dupuche

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