Robert James Matthys's Accurate Clock Pendulums PDF

By Robert James Matthys

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The Shortt clock, made within the 1920's is the main well-known actual clock pendulum ever identified, having an accuracy of 1 moment in step with yr while stored at approximately consistent temperature. just about all of a pendulum clock's accuracy is living in its pendulum. If the pendulum is actual, the clock may be exact. during this publication, the writer describes many clinical features of pendulum layout and operation basically with experimental information, and little arithmetic. it's been written, taking a look at all of the diverse components and facets of the pendulum in nice aspect, bankruptcy through bankruptcy, reflecting the measure of consciousness priceless for creating a pendulum run properly. the themes lined contain the dimensional balance of alternative pendulum fabrics, reliable and terrible suspension spring designs, the layout of mechanical joints and clamps, influence of quartz on accuracy, temperature repayment, air drag of alternative bob shapes and making s sinusoidal electromagnetic force. One entire bankruptcy is dedicated to easy methods of bettering the accuracy of normal inexpensive pendulum clocks, that have a special building to the dearer designs of considerably well-made ones. This publication will turn out precious to someone who desires to know the way to make a extra actual pendulum or pendulum clock.

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In 7 parts, ( July 1977 through January 1978). D. Bateman. “Quality factor—the practical approach,” Hor. Sci. Newsletter of chapter #161, NAWCC ( July 1994). P. Woodward. “A note on Q values,” Hor. J. (May 1975), 3–4. P. Woodward. “Q is really a simple concept,” Hor. J. (December 1996), 414–15. P. Boucheron. “The facts about pendulum Q,” Hor. Sci. Newslett. chapter #161, NAWCC (April 1993). R. Matthys. “Q, bob shape, scaling, and air currents,” Hor. Sci. Newsletter of chapter #161, NAWCC (December 1994).

4 lb, the rod stretches 272 ␮in. 33 ␮in. 001 in. change in the length of a 1 s beat pendulum will change the clock rate by approximately 1 s/day. 33 ␮in. 01 s. This is pretty small. 5 days for an invar rod. About 90–95% of the total accumulated time error occurs in the first 5-day interval after the pendulum is hung. The pendulums continue to stretch beyond this time period at an exponentially decreasing rate. The accumulated time error is much larger for the invar rod than for the quartz rod. Note that the whole pendulum is involved in the experimental numbers, not just the pendulum rod by itself.

The permanent time error is more sensitive to change in some parts of the pendulum than in others. 2. 12 s. One at a time, various changes were made in different parts of this pendulum, to see which parts had the most effect on the permanent time error. 1. All of the testing described in this chapter is on pendulums with a 2 s period. 3. 3 was kept at 19 lb. When the bob height was changed, the bob’s diameter was also changed, so that each bob would have the same 19 lb weight. 3 shows that the permanent time error did not change much with bob height except for the tallest (12 in.

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