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An Inquiry into the Original of Our Ideas of Beauty and - download pdf or read online


ISBN-10: 0865974284

ISBN-13: 9780865974289

This paintings comprises treatises: pertaining to attractiveness, order, concord, layout, and bearing on ethical reliable and evil. there's no a part of philosophy of extra value than a simply wisdom of human nature and its numerous powers and inclinations. the writer offers those papers as an inquiry into many of the pleasures which human nature is in a position to receiving. Written in previous English.

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Instruction. ” Thus if Beauty be desir’d by one who has not the Sense of Sight, the Desire must be rais’d by some [4] apprehended Regularity of Figure, Sweetness of Voice, Smoothness, or Softness, or some other Quality perceivable by the other Senses, without relation to the Ideas of Colour. Pleasure. Pain. VI. Many of our sensitive Perceptions are pleasant, and many painful, immediately, and that without any knowledge of the Cause of this Plea- section i 21 sure or Pain, or how the Objects excite it, or are the Occasions of it; or without seeing to what further Advantage or Detriment the Use of such Objects might tend: Nor would the most accurate Knowledge of these things vary either the Pleasure or Pain of the Perception, however it might give a rational Pleasure distinct from the sensible; or might raise a distinct Joy, from a prospect of further Advantage in the Object, or Aversion, from an apprehension of Evil.

7] Complex Ideas. VIII. The only Pleasure of Sense, ࿣20 which ࿣ ࿣21 our ࿣ Philosophers seem to consider, is that which accompanys the simple Ideas of Sensation: But there are ࿣22 vastly ࿣ greater Pleasures in those complex Ideas of Objects, which obtain the Names of Beautiful, Regular, Harmonious. Thus every one acknowledges he is more delighted with a fine Face, a just Picture, than with the View of any one Colour, were it as strong and lively as possible; and more pleas’d with a Prospect of the Sun arising among settled Clouds, and colouring their Edges, with a starry Hemisphere, a fine Landskip, a regular Building, than with a clear blue Sky, a smooth Sea, or a large open Plain, not diversify’d by Woods, Hills, Waters, Buildings: And yet even these latter Appearances are not quite simple.

V To be concern’d in this Book can be no honour to a Person so justly celebrated for the most generous Sentiments of Virtue and Religion, deliver’d with the most manly Eloquence: yet it would not be just toward the World, should the Author conceal his Obligations to the Reverend Mr. Edward Syng;vi not only for revising these Papers, when they stood in great need of an accurate Review, but for suggesting several just Amendments in the general Scheme of Morality. The Author was much iv. Robert Molesworth, a wealthy Irish merchant, politician, diplomat, and author (1656–1725), with short interruptions a member of both the English and Irish Parliaments for about 30 years.

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An Inquiry into the Original of Our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue (Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics) by FRANCIS HUTCHESON

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