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Download e-book for kindle: And the Flowers Showered Discourses on Zen by Osho

By Osho

ISBN-10: 817182210X

ISBN-13: 9788171822102

Glance now at what is given in your facet of those revealed works, on the position they're being seen from. even though you've been looking out the cosmos from a long time, you are going to by no means discover a Room as spacious, as deep, as excessive and extensive as this. it's the throne room of this majesty; the king of all kings... our Osho.

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Second thing: you carry the past within you -- that creates multiplicity. You were a child, the child is still hidden in you, and sometimes you can still feel the child kicking; in certain moments you regress and become the child again. You were once young, now you are old; that young man is hidden there, and sometimes even an old man starts being as foolish as a young man. You carry the whole past, every moment of it, and you have been many things! From the womb up to now you have been millions of persons, and they are all carried within you, layer by layer.

You are not a total being! This is the mountain. The path is easy, but you are not on the path; and all the techniques, all the methods in the world, and all the masters, to be exact, they don't give you the path -- the path already exists. Their methods and techniques simply lead you towards the path; THEY are not paths. They create small pathways on the mountain so you can go beyond -- because the path is THERE; there is no need to create a path, it already exists. But you are lost in a forest.

Because of this watching... but that is not the main thing. Freud is not concerned with your witnessing. He thinks that just by relating, telling your past, bringing it out through words, verbalization, something deep is changing. Nothing deep is changing. A little garbage is thrown out. Nobody listened to you, and Freud and his psychoanalysts are listening to you so attentively. Of course, you have to pay for it. They are professional listeners. They help in a way, because you would like to talk to someone intimately -- even that helps.

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And the Flowers Showered Discourses on Zen by Osho

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