Anzio The Gamble That Failed by Martin Blumenson PDF

By Martin Blumenson

Anzio, a small city a trifling hour's force from Rome, grew to become a battleground on which either Allies and Germans paid a bloody rate. deliberate by way of Churchill as a fast amphibious flanking maneuver, the 1943 conflict of Anzio has been seen through a few as probably the most ill-conceived tactical operations of the Allied battle attempt, and by means of others as one of many war's singular misplaced possibilities. Blumenson examines the activities of the boys concerned, together with Churchill, Eisenhower, Clark, and Montgomery, and takes under consideration documents from Allied and German assets.

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His reasoning was the theater had received permission this: to retain, but not indefinitely, the landing ships and craft needed for the amphibious venture; perhaps the Anzio force could somehow be beachhead and hold presence deep in the strengthened; it for if this force could gain a more than seven days, its mere German rear might break up the incipient by posing a threat to German lines stalemate. In other words, of communication between the main front and Rome, the Anzio force might so dishearten and demoralize the Germans that they would weaken their front, withdraw to face the Anzio: The Gamble That Failed 40] threat in their rear, and thereby facilitate the Fifth Army's advance to Rome.

There would be no in the peninsula? increase in the Mediterranean resources. Whether the Allies had enough troops, equipment, supplies to drive to northern Italy against strong position was a moot question. and German op- But there was no alternative except to try. Withdrawing slowly from Salerno, Kesselring looked for good natural defensive lines in southern Italy on which to delay the Allies. A slow retirement would not only help conserve his forces but would also defer the need to pass his forces and his command over to Rommel in northern Italy.

Staff. staff, In the headquar- May of that year In June he took command of the American ground forces in the European theater. In November, as Eisenhower's second in command, he made a hazardous submarine voyage to Africa to establish contact with He did Aggressive, hard-working, and impatient, Clark was am- the Free French before the much to secure bitious and frankly that spurred a cess. He had North African landings. French co-operation afterwards. man so, for he looked on ambition as the goad to considerable exertion and eventual suc- drive, he was efficient, he enjoyed attracting favorable attention, and he felt impelled constantly to prove his worth.

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